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About Kenneth

"As a state representative of district 25b I want to give the people a voice within their government again and to make sure our government is working on behalf of the people."


Kenneth Bush was raised in Rochester, Minnesota and has four generations of Family here including extended family throughout the state and many in-laws in the surrounding rural southeastern minnesota communities for over 100 years. A lifelong history of meeting great people, friends and extended families have formed his upbringing as a true Minnesotan. Growing up in town has given him strong community roots starting from childhood, learning about and sharing people's differences and growing together to embrace all walks of life as an individual at an early age. He was raised having fun as a kid in the outdoors, playing trumpet in the Kellogg Jr. High School band, youth basketball, football and traveling soccer, he believes every child deserves an opportunity at a good upbringing. Kenneth attended John Marshall High School where he played varsity football and was elected to the student government and later opted to attend Hubert H. Humphery Job Corps in St. Paul. Kenneth's education has been professionally based as he attended Brown Institute of Technology for Advertising Design and has worked as an advertising director/reporter for the Byron Review. Kenneth was licensed by the State of Minnesota department of commerce in 2002 and under recommendation by an Alumnus, he later was awarded a full scholarship to University of St. Thomas - Opus College of Business to attend the Commercial Real Estate Specialist program and graduated in 2006 and has an extended mini MBA in real estate development and in 2014 earned a graduate certificate in Economic Development from Hamline University - Center for Public Administration. Kenneth has known his wife Melissa since attending Harriet Bishop Elementary, together 20 years, they were married at the Plummer house 15 years ago. Melissa grew up in Country Club Manor, her family church is Gloria Dei, she graduated from John Marshall High School and attended college for architecture. She currently works at Mayo Clinic where she enjoys working with people. Kenneth is a real estate professional in the business for 20 years and the owner of Bush Companies - a community and economic development firm located in downtown Rochester. He has devoted his life to public service and civic causes and simply is encouraged to continue this work at the state capital on behalf of the people.

Kenneth is known as an effective communicator in life and in business and takes a common sense approach to the debate or issues at hand. As your representative I will be an effective legislator based on my experience living, working and talking amongst those that live in the real world with real life concerns on how and who represents their best interests and Minnesota values. I too share these concerns and as your representative my goal is to make sure the "People" are represented at the capital. I will listen and bring passion with knowledge and the skills to be a knowledgeable voice on behalf of the people with compassion to see all sides of an issues. Kenneth works hard to protect Minnesota values, and will make certain to keep Rochester a financially safe and thriving community as we must respect the past. I believe we must bring a new generation of leadership to the state legislature as it is a key to our city, region and state as we cannot continue to have rubber stamp candidates and legislators representing our future and the next generations future.

Kenneth is a member and/or serves currently on several local and national organizations including, the Olmsted County Planning Board of Commissioners, Olmsted County Zoning Board of Adjustment, Rochester Area Builders - Governmental Affairs, Rochester Area Foundation Affordable Housing Steering Committee, Southeastern Minnesota Association of Realtors Governmental Affairs, Board Member Bolder Options, Destination Medical Center (DMC) Certified Tourism Ambassador. Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Harvard Business Review, Convention of States, Republican Leadership Initiative Fellow - Republican National Committee, Olmsted County Republicans.

Community and Volunteer Accomplishments:

• Governmental Affairs - Rochester Chamber of Commerce.
• Governmental Affairs - Red Wing Chamber of Commerce.
• Byron, Mantorville, Dodge Center and Kasson Chamber of Commerce.
• Vice Chairman Housing & Redevelopment Authority 3 yr term.
• Red Wing 20/20 Community Development Board 3 yr term.
• Transportation Committee & Chair Economic Development sub-committee.
• Mayors Blue Ribbon Commission on Economic Development
• Director Red Wing Multi Housing Association Board 6 yrs.
• National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
• Goodhue County Republicans
• Care Clinic - Communications Committee
• Minnesota Multi Housing Association
• Chairman Habitat For Humanity Public Relations & Board Member
• Human Rights Commissioner - City of Red Wing.
• Minneapolis Community Planning Economic Development CPED - Advisory Member
• MN Restorative Justice
• MN Youth Link


My Political Philosophy:

I believe the party starts with the people. The political class has acted way to comfortable for the people's understanding of what their rights are and who represents them and how will their families or business hopes dreams and futures measure up to what past generations have paved for us all.

Too many of our representatives have not lived regular lives amongst the people. I have lived my life and like many americans whether it be failure or success I have gotten up never given up based on my faith in God and the people's encouragement in My life. The more more failure the more opportunity harbors character and I have learned from those experiences that I could do better.

As your representative what I bring to the table is the ability to build briges not barriers. It's my priority to bring the real issues from the engine of the people to the capital and on behalf of you. I Will fight for what is right based on constituent suggestion and consensus.


An excellent education has long been recognized as key to the American Dream. Unfortunately, the current monopolistic and expensive K-12 education system is failing our students, leaving them unprepared for college, careers or life. Similarly, our higher education system is leaving students with higher debt burdens and fewer career guarantees than ever before.


Creating a market-oriented housing policy that allows housing supply to fit demand and encourages the creation affordable housing through market forces can boost a state’s human capital and help to develop an area’s economy. As job opportunities grow, human capital must be there to sustain and benefit from the increased economic activity. Crafting polices that allow the most vulnerable among us to better themselves and their families by enacting common-sense housing reforms can be crucial in limiting people out of poverty.

Economic Development

The United States is among the most developed economies in the world. This has led to a standard of living that is simply unmatched throughout the world or throughout history. Even in such a developed and comparatively wealthy nation, policymakers still must allocate resources appropriately to encourage further economic development in their own communities and bring the benefits of a developed economy to their constituents. Encouraging economic development and adopting policies that promote that development rather than hinder it can mean an enormous improvement in the economic opportunity and quality of life for all people.

Public Safety

In Minnesota they call us nice however, we must be aware of our surroundings. I believe in public safety and perhaps it is the most important job for government. The threat of terrorism is likely to be with us for a long time, and we need to be vigilant and provide law enforcement with the tools they need to combat it, while preserving citizens’ constitutional rights. We also must fight local crimes that impact our community and neighborhoods as well as be proactive and most accurate with our prosecuting systems so that they are just and within one's constitutional rights as well as recognize when there also is an injustice in our systems.


The overwhelming majority of Minnesotans travel using roads and bridges and our funding priorities should reflect that reality. I will support transportation initiatives! Fair distribution of transportation dollars throughout the state. Investment in our roads without making them more expensive to use. Directing resources to roads, highways, and bridges. Highways are Minnesota’s veins of commerce. Businesses use them to ship their goods, workers use them to get to and from their jobs. Without good roads, we risk losing businesses and all the jobs that go with them. Maintaining the quality and safety of our highways is crucial and will become increasingly more so as our renewable fuels industry expands.

Energy + Environment

Reducing our carbon footprint by eliminating regulations that stop our own energy growth and protections. These regulations cost jobs and create more cost to citizens and businesses. I will improve the competition and profitability of business, create more energy-related jobs, reduce economic burden of fuel imports and reduce pollution and emissions that effect climate changes. We can improve our energy infrastructure, create energy efficiency and energy conservation to improve our natural environment while utilizing our natural resources.
We must keep our energy affordable even as we work to protect the environment. That is why Kenneth will support an all of the following approaches to our energy needs:
• Increased renewable energy production through wind, hydro, and solar technology
• Increased production through domestic clean coal technology
• Increased production through nuclear power
• Promotion of common sense conservation measures
• A balanced plan which lowers energy prices

Culture + Society

The so called “progressive” agenda has left the poor behind. Years after the Great Recession, real needs persist. The left’s misguided policies and materialistic culture only exacerbate the problem. It is conservatives and libertarians who must be the true champions for struggling Americans.

Social justice starts with values. Refusing to discuss these values is profoundly unfair to the communities imperiled by their absence. To presume that low-income people are somehow unworthy of the same moral standards to which we hold ourselves is not “politically correct.” It is immoral and inaccurate. Research shows that four values are integral to a well-ordered and happy life: Faith, family, community, and work. These critical institutions remain abundant in high-income, high-education America, and these are families who worked for a better life and now that is slowly disappearing.

Unleashing opportunity for everyone. Every American child deserves access to an education system that endows them with human capital. Yet while federal spending per pupil has skyrocketed, test scores have stagnated—and broken bureaucracies ensure that the most vulnerable kids receive the worst education of all. It is far past time to empower poor families to choose better schools. Sometimes that requires legitimate government action. Often, it simply means getting the state out of the way. In both cases, it is time for conservatives to be warriors for vulnerable people. But a fair start is only the beginning. True mobility requires free enterprise, the economic system that has turned millions of people’s ambitions and innovations into the greatest antipoverty achievement in world history. Only free enterprise equips everyone to earn their own success through hard work and merit and builds prosperity in which everyone can share.


Minnesota is the nation’s health care leader, but that does not mean we can sit back on our accomplishments. I have consistently supported consumer-centric solutions that let individuals and families find the most affordable care that suits their needs. At the Capitol I will fight for:
• High-quality, affordable healthcare for Minnesotans
• Empowering consumers with control over their health care decisions
• Reducing excessive mandates that drive up costs
• Keeping the government out of the doctor’s office
Recently, the Legislative Auditor released their report on MNsure, stating that our health care exchange’s “failures outweighed its achievements.” That is disappointing for Minnesotans who purchased health care through MNsure as well as for taxpayers who spent nearly $200 million to build it.
With more than 70 percent of MNsure enrollees already having insurance, it seems Minnesotans built a big, new health care exchange that was inefficient, ineffective and didn’t insure many new people. I will continue to work toward fixing this bloated system, looking for ways to implement real solutions instead of more cover-ups and Band-Aids. It’s time for state leaders to bring real accountability to Obamacare in Minnesota.
With employer-sponsored health care becoming more expensive, many families find themselves on the edge of going without. By creating an Insurance Exchange that lets them purchase affordable plans, Minnesotans can keep their health care and still enjoy the tax deductible benefits offered by their employers.
Those without insurance often wait to see a doctor until their symptoms become severe enough to warrant emergency care, the most expensive of health care services. Minnesota hospitals will not turn away a patient who cannot afford to pay for emergency services and often times hospitals end up delivering services without compensation. We must make health care more affordable and giving people more choices will help reduce this massive burden our health care providers encounter every day.


What is the Primary Role of Government? At the state level, the primary role of government is one of funding and providing those services which are a “public good”. A public good describes such things as a road, a library, a park – my use of which doesn’t diminish or detract from anyone else’s use. Providing for public safety is a fundamental role of government as is providing a welfare safety net. Like many, I believe government is doing a disservice when it enriches the benefits of the welfare system to a level that discourages work and self-sufficiency. Much angst over government’s expanding role comes from its funding of projects like football stadiums that benefit a private business and are not a public good. Government intrusion into private industry in the form of subsidies or favorable tax treatments distorts the market and leads to crony capitalism and corruption. City-owned golf courses, for example, operate tax-free resulting in lower fees for golfers but set up unfair competition with privately-owned golf courses which must charge higher fees. In Minnesota, state government subsidizes local governments (cities) through the Local Government Aid program. This program gives out millions in carte blanc funding which in turn subsidizes inefficiency and over-spending by local governments who in turn organize to vociferously appeal to the legislature for more taxpayer subsidies. In these times the word “create jobs” has used too often without getting it done —especially in an election year. It is just another political buzz word for those paid for politicians. Too often their is belief the government can create jobs in the same fashion as in “Let there be light”. In reality, public jobs are not “created”; money is somehow transferred from the private sector to the public sector. If public jobs were considered true employment, all jobs should be government jobs and full employment could speedily be accomplished. The truth is that productive private jobs cannot simply be created. Rather, a business climate must be fostered so that someone(s) will take a risk to start a business, thus potentially employing people and starting a real payroll. Small businesses provide most of the jobs in the state of Minnesota, and in all of the United States, for that manner. All states hope for large businesses to come and build a new plant and employ thousands of people, but it usually remains just a hope. Therefore, Minnesota must plan for a business climate that both encourages and rewards risk-taking entrepreneurs to thrive today and into the future to create wealth for families and communities.

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Bush earns Republican endorsement

Olmsted County Republicans endorsed Kenneth Bush on Saturday to challenge state Rep. Duane Sauke in November. Bush faced Walter Smith III in seeking the party’s endorsement for the Minnesota House set in District 25B. “Rochester is ready for someone who can resonate with all walks of life, all people,” Bush said after he received the endorsement, noting he believes his presence at Rochester City Council meetings and other events played a role in earning the party nod.


Rochester realtor kicks off political campaign

Republican Kenneth Bush kicked off his campaign Monday to challenge the incumbent Duane Sauke for the House District 25B seat in Rochester. A realtor for Coldwell Banker, Bush held the event so he could show people more about himself and his campaign. He'll be facing Rochester business consultant Walter Smith the third for the Republican endorsement. Bush currently sees gaining the endorsement as his biggest challenge, but something well worth it to be able to represent the people of his district.


Bush eyes state house seat

Kenneth Bush, a Rochester realtor and former sales employee with Community News Corp., is running for the District 25B seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. The seat is currently held by Democrat Duane Sauke, who was elected in 2016. Bush, 43, is a registered Republican, who grew up in Rochester and attended John Marshall High School. A licensed realtor for the better part of two decades and a member of the Olmsted County Planning Commission for the past two and a half years, Bush said his biggest strength is being a people person.


Second Republican seeks to challenge Sauke

Two Republicans are vying for the chance to take on freshman Democratic Rep. Duane Sauke in 2018. Rochester Realtor Kenneth Bush said he will run for the House District 25B seat, which covers Northwest Rochester and Cascade Township. Bush announced in August he was forming an exploratory committee to look into running for the seat. The 43-year-old said he decided to jump in after being encouraged by many people to run.


Rochester Realtor considers legislative bid

A Rochester Realtor is considering a run for the Minnesota Legislature. Republican Kenneth Bush said he is forming an exploratory committee as he weighs whether to run for the House District 25B seat in 2018. That seat is now held by Rochester DFL Rep. Duane Sauke. Bush sells real estate for Coldwell Banker Burnet in Rochester. He is also owner of Bush Companies — a community economic development firm. He serves on the Olmsted County Planning Advisory Commission.


2018 Minnesota House of Representatives election

The 2018 Minnesota House of Representatives election will be held in the U.S. state of Minnesota on November 6, 2018, to elect members to the House of Representatives of the 91st Minnesota Legislature.

If necessary, a primary election will be held in several districts on August 14, 2018. The election coincides with the election of the governor as well as other elections.

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